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Non-Reversible Temperature Sensitive Label, 116°C to 154°C, 8 Levels


Non-Reversible Temperature Sensitive Label, 71°C to 110°C, 8 Levels


Non-Reversible Temperature Sensitive Label, 160°C to 199°C, 8 Levels


Tremco 115 Floor Adhesive Specifications Property Data Composition A modified chloroprene elastomer dissolved in a blend of flammable solvents Specific Gravity 0.82 - 0.86 Flash Point Below -18C Application Temperature...


Araldite Rapid 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive Syringe, 24ml A solvent-free, 2-part, epoxy adhesive. Strong, long-lasting and rapid setting. Water resistant and can be painted or sanded to a smooth finish. Bonds...


FIXT Super Glue, 20g Bottle Super strong FIXT super glue.Impressive industrial strength, suitable for bonding wood or metal materials.Low viscosity.Easy to use, instant adhesive.


FIXT400 Maintenance Spray, 400ml AerosolA high specification, multipurpose maintenancespray/fluid with outstanding penetrating properties.


Black RTV Silicone Sealant


Label Remover Spray, 200ml Aerosol Cleaning agents/solvent to remove self-adhesive labels and stickers. It can also be used as a cleaning solvent for removing some ink residues. Ideal for use...


Screen Wash Concentrate, 5 Litre


Prestone Deicer Trigger Spray -40C 500ml PDEI0101A For winter, leaving the house to go and de-ice your car can be considered an annoying, inconvenient task. Ice scrapers can take a...


Force X61710 Universal Foam Cleaner, 400ml Aerosol Tough, fast acting foaming cleanerRapidly removes dirt from trims, fabrics, tools & equipment Foaming action provides deeper cleansing & longer working time Also...


Holts LOYSIMW51C Simoniz 5 Wheel Steel, 500 ml


Smoke Sabre Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester 100ml Smoke Sabre is the ultimate hand-held smoke detector tester. The built in ‘Sabre’ makes the product unique compared to other smoke alarm test...


Holts Brake Cleaner PRO25A Brake Cleaner, Mechanical Cleaning and Protection, Red, Black, Silver, 600ml Aerosol Rapidly cleans & degreases brakes, clutches and all metal parts or surfaces - removes brake...


FIXT Electrical Cleaner, 400ml AerosolA general purpose solvent cleaner designed to remove contaminations Powerful spray loosens & blasts away contamination Fast evaporating, leaves no residue Removes most containments including grease,...


FIXT Spray Adhesive, 400ml Aerosol High Strength AdhesiveIdeal for Vehicle Interiors400ml Aerosol